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Juicy Qurbani Meat to be Delivered to Maiduri, Nigeria

21 August 2017

ACTNews, MAIDUGURI, Nigeria - Fourteen thousand plus seven hundred kilometers from Indonesia, there is a nation hosting its people in devastating and dusty refugee camps. It is but Borno State of Nigeria The Giant of Africa. The fast economic growth in Nigeria does not apply in Borno.

Borno has been in great poverty for decades. During the time, there is no significant development made while the state is still dominated by agricultural industry. Then in the beginning of 2009, terror attack launched by militant group Boko Haram paralyzed Borno. Houses and farmlands were destroyed. Locals chose to left their assets and flee to the refugee camps in Maiduguri, capital city of Borno State.

“All people in Maiduguri had their own horror story regarding Boko Haram,” said a middle-aged woman living in Maiduguri, to The Guardian.

Suicide bombs and brutal attacks across poor villages created yet another food crisis which put 14.4 million Muslims in Borno on the brink of famine. Yes, almost all people in Northeast Nigeria including Borno are Muslims.

Stated in its press release, Government of Nigeria said that 2 million people in Borno flee to the dire camps in Maiduguri as they sought for asylum. They tried to survive without any job and food. Term proper remained unreachable as slum areas with limited access to clean water are the only “good condition” they had.

The crisis peaked in the end of 2016. Last February, UN through Famine Early Warning System (FEWS) reported the grave hunger in Nigeria which commonly affected children. Approximately 400 thousand children in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe were in the high risk of malnutrition. Therefore, Nigeria became one of four famine-affected countries which later triggered the largest humanitarian crisis in the past 70 years.

For Borno, Aksi Cepat Tanggap has initiated a program which involved people all around the world to help people hit by food crisis. It was Humanitarian Ship: Food for Humanity and Nigeria was one of target distribution.

Since May 2017, food packages for Nigeria had been distributed to the needy. After passing dozens of security checkpoints, ACT was able to visit Fariya Camp, one of refugee camps in Maiduguri. Unusual view welcomed ACT. Some men squatted around what seemed like plate of wet soil. When looking at closer, it was but their daily consumption during the hard times. The food was made of hatsi seeds mixed with sugar.

One of them was going to slice the food and suddenly it was like bitter view to see. Alhamdulillah, ACT’s visit that day delayed their dire day of slicing hatsi. That day, Wednesday (10/5), they began standing in line to carry the food package to home; something they longed for. Gradually, the packages were delivered to them in only an hour and a half. Eight hundred families went back to their tents, smiling as they carried a package of 10 kg of rice, 10 kg of biski (local food), 2 packs of macaroni and 2 packs of noodles.

Then, as Eid al Adha is coming, should a happiness greet them too? Will they slice another hatsi with sugar pours? Or maybe qurbani meat will yet be another empty dream?

Global Qurban attempts to deliver qurbani meat to Borno, Nigeria

Global Qurban ACT endeavours to realize their dream amidst the escalating crisis in Nigeria. Eid al Adha is coming in a week and Global Qurban try to enlarge benefits of qurbani performed by Indonesian people. This year, target distribution areas will include new countries which have never been visited by Global Qurban, such as Nigeria.

“Insya Allah, 40 countries will get benefits of Indonesians’ qurbani this year. They comprise existing target areas and new countries like Chad, Guinea Conakry, Kenya, South Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, Mauritania, Sri Lanka and Jordan,” said Rini as President of Global Qurban.

Qurbani is about actualizing Islam as a religion which brings blessings to the universe (rahmatan lil alamin). It is about sharing happiness to largest people regardless their backgrounds and geographical borders. With this understanding, qurbani meat which will be delivered to Maiduguri is surely going to be the best qurbani from Indonesians to the world. []

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