Dermawan Berqurban, Berkahnya Bahagiakan Dunia

Global Qurban’s Partnership Expands, Offering Indonesians to Perform Qurbani Conveniently

11 July 2017

ACTNews, JAKARTA – In Indonesia, there is always a joyful saga, a nuance when somebody performs qurbani each year. The joy spreads, connects every fragment of stories that come from preparation until distribution of qurbani. All recorded in six years of Global Qurban-Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s footprints, that always guide a series of qurbani performance in Indonesia and beyond.

Performing qurbani for the world is not a pipe dream. It all starts in one place: intention. When somebody intends on pursuing his God’s favor/blessing, He will set things easier. The simplicity to perform qurban has enforced Indonesians’ effort to share qurban joy as massive as possible. With the spirit of “One Indonesia Gives the Best Qurban to the World,” Global Qurban has offered some convenient choices to perform qurban. All made for one goal: expanding the universal benefit of qurban.

Qurbani convenience is made possible through the extensive partnership network of Global Qurban. Some retails join, the number almost hit thousands across Indonesia. According to the President of Global Qurban, Rini Maryani, until today, there are almost 2.000 retail partners of GQ who actively serve qurbani performers. Every person who is willing to perform qurbani via GQ, can easily access the service in supermarket and minimarket nearby.

“Until today, we have cooperated with Carrefour, Hero, Giant, Superindo, Sodaqo, Alfamart, Alfa Midi, SB Mart and some other retails. This year we add Indomaret, which has 14.000 branches in Indonesia. Insha Allah, by the start of August, those branches will be ready to serve qurbani performers in the country,” said Rini.

With the integration between GQ and national retail network, Indonesia communities can perform qurbani as easy as shopping in a nearby minimarket. However, what if your jam-packed schedule leaves you with little to no time to buy goods in retails? Another choice emerges: qurbani via e-commerce or online marketplace.

Moreover, the Coordinator for Global Qurban Partnership, Muhammad Basair, revealed, besides networking with retails, GQ also cooperates with some e-commerce and online marketplace. The synergy was configured to facilitate qurbani performers who wish to perform qurbani in instant time.

“Since 2015, Global Qurban system has connected with online shopping service in some e- commerce and online marketplace, such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Elevenia, and,” he explained.

Thus, he added, qurbani transaction can be arranged, wherever and whenever qurbani performers wish. They only need to have internet connection on their gadgets.

Reaching out to more qurbani performers, Global Qurban collaborate with some sharia banks. BNI Syariah, Bank Muamalat, CIMB Niaga Syariah, and Maybank Syariah, all offer an easy way to perform qurban. Everyone can access Tabungan Qurban product through these banks. Basair admitted, this option really simplifies qurbani performers in buying livestock.

He further added, Global Qurban also collaborate with some Islamic Da’wah Agency (Badan Dakwah Islam/BDI) and some institutions such as Baitul Maal Hidayatullah, MTT Telkom, and Koperasi Pegawai RSUD Tarakan.

“We also invite mosques which distribute qurban in their surroundings. Kota Kasablanka Mosque and Gandaria City Mosque, for example. Last year, we helped providing qurbani animals to those mosques, and they will distribute them further to poorer urban points in the city,” he said.

Idul Adha is coming in less than two months. Various choices to facilitate qurbani are offered. Insha Allah, Global Qurban will expand its partnership network. The more choices to perform qurbani, the larger scope in which we deliver qurbani benefits. []

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